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Dear Pat:

Our 7 year old female cat, was displaying odder than normal behaviour.. her beautiful little ears weren't moving & yes.... she was deaf. My mom & I went shopping for a new collar & LOTS of bells. While the bells worked wonderfully while she was moving around the house.... the problem was, she had to be moving for us to hear the bells. . I went on-line determined to find some way to "track" Jazzie. Luckily, Thankfully I found "The Cat Caller". . Our hearts skip a beat until we hear the "beep-beep-beep" of the Cat Caller!

The ability of the Cat Caller to beep through walls & doors works like a treat! Jazzie has always been a "close to home" outdoor cat, so we couldn't stop her from going outside just because she couldn't hear.

Having the Cat Caller gives US peace of mind at the push of a button (literally). Thank you for this wonderful invention. It has given my mother & I peace of mind knowing Jazzie is safe & sound.

Jackie & Donna Hammond
London Ontario

The Cat Caller

Dear Pat:

It was really pleasant speaking with last month. When our "Cat Calle"r arrived, we went right to work installing it on the cats who are 15 years old and pretty set in their ways. It did not take long for our Angel kitty (Maine Coon calico) to respond and know that beeping meant FOOD. It took a little longer as Sassy either feigned hard of hearing or was just ignoring the signal. However, finding her on our forested and multi level property with lots of hiding places made it super easy to find her in the most obscure locations.

Well, now she is trained and she does respond to the signal. What joy, to know that we can find our sweet kitties whenever we need to. Thanks Pat, for a wonderful invention. I hope that your economic status goes through the roof with this intriguing gadget. Cat lovers everywhere will love this with the right marketing. Good luck to you Pat.

And God bless you during the coming holiday season.


Stephanie from the Big Island of Hawaii

The Cat Caller
The Cat Caller saves the day & Swinkie!

We went out of town on a road trip Thursday. The pet sitter didn't see her from Friday morning on. Today I went in the neighbor's backyard and faintly heard The Cat Caller. She had slipped her collar near garage door. But then heard her meowing. The neighbor said he was in there yesterday for a brief moment. Don't know yet if she found another way in or slipped in there yesterday.
So grateful.

Many thanks!

The Cat Caller

The Cat Caller

Our burmese, Donut, is a tiny escape artist who loves to run out the door or hide in small spaces. We love him immensely and would be devastated to lose him. The Cat Caller gives us peace of mind that we have a better chance of finding him, should he escape out the front door, or hide somewhere in the house. There have been more than a few times when we couldn't find him in the house and the Cat Caller has come to the rescue.

Candace Parrott

The Cat Caller

I would like you to know that I love your product! It makes it so much easier to have my cat come inside at night when he tries to play games and hide under the porch, because now I can hear him!


Jessica Storto

The Cat Caller

We've used the Cat Caller for over a year now on two of our indoor cats and I can't tell you the peace of mind it has provided for us. After almost losing one kitty outside for a week we knew we needed to find a solution. The high priced GPS models were out of the question! Thanks so much for inventing the CAT CALLER!! We are so thankful and I love pressing the button at night to find my kitties to take to bed with me! Keep up the good work.

Here's my two kitties CLEO & BAILEY with their collars on!

Krissy & David
Seattle, WA

The Cat Caller
Savannah our 1 year old kitten would go missing all the time, it was almost impossible to find her than we decided to buy the cat caller and all we have to do is press a button and she comes running from anywhere. Even outside through the cat door when you are inside most things like that wont go through walls but this does and so happy to had found it. whenever we cant find her now she is just a click of a button away... Thank you so much guys, Couldn't find anything else more easy to setup and a thing that actually works... Once again Thank you so much :) The Cat Caller

I originally had a fast need for something that would enable me to locate a cat that I had just rescued from a Shelter, who insisted upon hiding 24 hours a day. Well, I'm happy to say, as soon as The Cat Caller arrived, your product enabled me to regularly find the little "darlin". And further, as he's gotten accustomed to my home, it's been working exactly as you explained, (by giving him a treat whenever I use it, he now comes gleefully racing over whenever I push the button.)

I'm thrilled with the results!
Roslyn Pollack

Mischief is named what he is for a reason. He used to run & hide in the bushes so that we couldn't find him. He ran off & got lost for 3 1/2 days about 6 months ago. He was a terror & notorious for wanting to explore. Once we got the cat caller, he tried to explore a few times. He hid in the bushes, but bc I could see as well as hear where he was, I was able to reach after him. He'd dash to the other side of the bushes, I'd set off the caller again, go after him, he'd run to the other side, set it off again, you get the idea. He did this a few times before he realized he couldn't hide anymore, gave up, & ran home. He tried taking off to the next building another time, & thought he was safe bc once again, it was dark out. His cat caller went off, he saw me coming, &! he ran home as fast as he could! A few other times, he was downstairs (we are on a high floor), I couldn't see him, the caller went off, & I could hear it moving. He would run as fast as he could to the other side of the building to run up all the stairs before he could get caught, & pretend he was a good boy the whole time! Bc of my health, I can't go chasing after him every time he runs off. Pat, thank you so much for this! If it wasn't for you, that rotten little feline would give me more headaches than I could handle! I also don't know what our family would do without him! ☺ ♥

The Cat Caller
My cat Jasper is only 7 months old and hides sometimes, especially when we go to my parents house. The cat caller allows me to find him easily. Also, he wears a break away collar that sometimes got lost, so this helps me find that as well! I plan on getting one for each of my future kitties! Not too big once they really start growing, Jasper's is only a 3/8" collar.

Cody was alway impossible to locate until I purchased the cat caller - no problems anymore, alway a click away! Thanks Cat Caller!!

The Cat Caller
I feed them, give them treats, give them water, love, and they go to him! Traders! Lol

The Cat Caller
This is Princess. I saw her on the news. How could this 44lb cat get lost! She was rescued, but no one knew who she belonged to. If she had been wearing The Cat Caller I.D. tag pet locator, she could have been returned to her rightful owner. This invention is fantastic! I'm telling all my cat-owner friends to go out and buy it. I'm not a cat owner, but I bought The Cat Caller for my mother. I think it's a terrific gift idea! 

Rob. N.J.

The Cat Caller
I live on an acre and a half of woods and never let my cats outdoors. Instinctively, they do get curious, and every so often, one of them will slip out. Hubert, my Cornish Rex, is the most brazen of the three and certainly wouldn't last very long fending for himself in the wilderness. I've trained all of my cats to come when they hear The Cat Caller beep, which is one reason I love the red panic  button feature. When Hubert makes a dash for the woods I can see his collar glowing like a high beam! As soon as he hears the beeping, he darts right back home where he immediately gets the cat treat he knows will be waiting for him! I love the fact that whenever one of my cats goes missing, I can call for them individually or find them all at once by just clicking The Cat Caller remote. I feel so reassured that no matter what, my cats will always be located.

Melinda F.

The Cat Caller
"My grandmother's cat got out of the house and she was completely hysterical. She lives by herself, and having a pet really keeps her from getting lonely. Fortunately, her cat Skitter was wearing The Cat Caller. I went out into the yard, and looked up to where I heard a beep coming from. There he was, calm as can be, sitting in the tree that I used to climb as a kid. I'll never forget the look on my grandmother's face when I came in from the yard with Skitter under my arm. I'm so thankful that The Cat Caller exists, I can't imagine how sad my grandmother would've been if something happened to Skitter."

Anthony B.

The Cat Caller
"Oscar, my beautiful toy collie has lived to the ripe old age of 17. While he still has the playful disposition he had when he was a puppy, he's become deaf over the years and often can't hear me calling him. I'm so thankful that The Cat Caller was created to help me find Oscar when I need to. The bright blinking light on his collar can be seen from across the house and I'm always able to hear where he is when he's hiding!"

Lauren T.

The Cat Caller
"When I first got my Russian Blue, Esme, my vet recommended that I get her implanted with a microchip that would track her down if she ever got lost. To me, this seemed a little cruel, so I declined. I was thrilled to find The Cat Caller. Esme's been wearing it ever since she was a kitten. Since she naps in the most unusual of places, including the top of the linen closet, inside baskets of hot laundry and behind the television, I'm always able to find her. Fortunately, she's never expressed an interest in the outdoors, but on the off chance she does, it's great to have peace of mind, knowing that I may be able to find her with just the push of a button."

Eliza K.

The Cat Caller
"My pet ferret, Luci, loves to run around the house and hide. She's so precocious and devilish, that we sometimes call her Luci-fur! She once hid for two days in a spot that I would have never guessed inside the box spring of the bed in my guest room. I knew she had to be somewhere in the house, because she kept stealing bites from her food dish and running back to her hiding spot. When I finally realized where Luci was hiding, I made sure she was cut off from the guest room. I also treated her to your product, The Cat Caller. Now wherever Luci manages to hide, she's always a blink or a beep away!"

Kevin W.

The Cat Caller
"Before I discovered The Cat Caller, my two cats Fredrick and Hansie, American Shorthaired brothers, would sometimes like to get a little fresh air outside. They always came in when I for called them however, one time last fall, I called for them both, but only Hansie came back. I spent hours looking for Fredrick and couldn't find him anywhere. Days went by and still, no Frederick. I was heartbroken. A week had passed when my neighbor came to my door and told me that a cat that looked like mine had crawled under the hood of his car and had died. Apparently, this is a common thing that cats like to do when the weather gets cold, as car engines stay warm for a time after shutting off. While I am still devastated by the loss of Frederick, I'm so thankful that I found your product for my other cat, Hansie. I wish I had known about The Cat Caller sooner. I would've used the red panic button to locate them both. Though I'm more wary of letting Hansie out of the house, it eases my mind to know that if I ever lose track of him, I'll be able to find him."

Erika J.

The Cat Caller
"Frazzles, my Toy Fox Terrier, absolutely hates going to the vet. She seems to know that as soon as her carrier comes out, she's in for a doctor visit. She manages to hide so well, that we end up late for her appointments. Now I have vet visits down to a science. Since buying The Cat Caller and training her with a reward when she comes to me, it's so much easier to put her in her carrier, she hears the beep and jumps right in!"

Rob S.

The Cat Caller
"My Dwarf rabbit, Mopsy is a loveable member of the family. She likes nothing more than to cuddle right under your arm when the TV is on. Mopsy will get snuggly under just about anything, including between our couch cushions, under the comforter and behind furniture. Her bones are pretty fragile and I would hate for one of my children to accidentally jump on her while she's burrowed under a pillow or cushion. Thankfully, we always know where Mopsy is because of The Cat Caller. We just push the button on The Cat Caller remote and can find her wherever she's nestling!"

Maria H.

The Cat Caller
When my 12 year old cat began hiding in places I could not imagine she could get into, I knew she was not feeling well and her hiding was a symptom of that. I needed to find her and give her the medication on time. Her ability to find new hiding spots exceeded my ability to discover them.

In desperation I searched the internet for a product I could use to track my kitty's whereabouts. It seemed that the only things out there were expensive GPS devices with monthly fees which I could not afford. Even if I could afford them, they weren't exactly what I was looking for.
Then I found your product, The Cat Caller. And it worked like a charm! From anywhere in the house, the basement to the upstairs bedrooms, I could find my cat wherever she hid.

In the meantime, my disabled husband needed to reach me when I was not near the computer where I monitor him via Skype. His left shoulder is riddled with osteoarthritis and he is in great pain, so he can't always pick up the phone that is next to the bed, to call me on the intercom. And even though we have 5 handsets throughout the house, I am not always near one.

After a particularly frustrating event when he was trying to reach me
when I was in the garage and not near a phone unit, I realized that the same device that allowed me to find my cat would also allow him to call' me when I was out of range. My husband now wears the remote around his wrist and I wear the receiver around my neck, and he can call his 'kitty' whenever he needs me! And I can find my cat wherever she hides! Thanks Cat Caller- you solved two problems with your great product!

Norma Jean at

The Cat Caller

The Cat Caller
YES it works!!:
SUCCESS!!! My husband has used The Cat Caller 3 times and was able to locate Toby, our little
10 pound nightmare! AND he even comes! Thanks for inventing and investing in this gizmo.

Francie P.

The Cat Caller
My tabby, Madeline can be such a stinker. As soon as she sees me packing for a trip, she sprints right inside my luggage. One time she waited until I had completely filled my suitcase to make herself comfortable. I forgot that this was one of her favorite tricks and without thinking, just zipped my suitcase right up. I missed my cab to the airport and spent hours looking for her. Just as I put my luggage by the door, I started to hear her meow! If only she was wearing The Cat Caller then, I would have found her immediately. Now I always know where she is, no matter how clever her hiding place is! 

Irene K.

The Cat Caller