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It is commonly known that with perfection comes simplicity. Our cat tracker from is so simple, but yet so effective, the device amazes everyone who tries it. The device helps you know where your cat is at all times.

The tag is lightweight, and it easily fits on your cat’s collar, so it causes her no trouble in her daily activities. The cat’s position is traceable after a click of a button and the sound of the signal the CatCaller emits is strong enough to go through walls. Your pet can detect the signal no matter where she is in your house or yard.

Needless to say, the device is small, waterproof, has long-lasting batteries and is incomparably lower in price than similar devices. founder is a cat lover and knows the exact needs and problems cat owners are facing every day. knows that the cat is part of the family. Although kittens are very loveable, they are still babies and are highly unpredictable. Many times kittens will wander outside past your home’s boundaries.

With the cat tracker, your cat is free to roam around and enjoy her day. You are free as well, worry free — that is. The device has no problem sending it’s signal from a woody or metropolitan area. Cat tracker is a great tool to always know where your kitty cat is. Save your time and nerves of having to search for a missing cat with the CatCaller.

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